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Charlie (Hazbin Hotel)

Alex kane charlieexpression19 2 4

Final Render.

Alex kane charlieturns

360 Turn Around still images

Alex kane charliespin2

360 Turn Around Final Render. ~9MB GIF

Alex kane sublevels

Subdivision levels 0 and 1

Alex kane screenshot at 2019 02 10 17 04 32

Custom Facial Rig. No drivers, shapekeys or blendshapes. Manual weight painting of all facial bones.

Alex kane screenshot at 2019 02 10 17 03 21
Alex kane refs

References of original 2D character.

Charlie (Hazbin Hotel)

Charlie from Hazbin Hotel, 3D fanart. I had a lot of fun bringing this awesome 2D character into the world of 3D.

Created in Blender and rendered with Cycles Engine.
-Modeled entirely from vertices for accurate topology, No sculpting.
-Clothing materials and shaders made using the ClothWeaver addon (
-Hair created with particles and grooming. Sides and back of Hair mass created, bangs were individually placed and brushed.
-Body Rig utilized Blender's 'Rigify' addon.
-Facial rig was manually created. No Drivers, shape-keys or blend-shapes. All manually weight painted; faster to setup and much easier to troubleshoot if changes need implemented.