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Lupita (Freelance)

Alex kane lupitaposters

Some key poses and poster renders (All done in Blender w/ Cycles Render Engine)

Alex kane ezgif com optimize

360 Turn Around

Alex kane ezgif com video to gif 3
Alex kane ezgif com video to gif 2
Alex kane lupita x 0326

Select frame from the main advertisement animation (originally 4K ~15min render on 1x GTX 1080Ti GPU)

Alex kane lupita poster products

Full line of products (photo from Tepeyac, LLC)

Alex kane lupita ordernow

Product website (photo from Tepeyac, LLC)

Lupita (Freelance)

Say "Hola" to Lupita!

I had the wonderful pleasure of designing the 3D version of this character mascot for the new Lupita product launch! Now available at Target stores across the US.

Responsibilities: modeling, rigging, texturing, shading, lighting, animation and render setup.

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